Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Children (ages 7-12)

The Koch Center’s DBT for Children Program is for children (ages 7-12) who exhibit emotion dysregulation and behavioral dyscontrol. DBT views problematic behaviors as the child doing ‘the best s/he can’ to deal with the intensity of his/her emotions. DBT for Children helps children and parents acquire adaptive coping skills and problem-solving.  DBT for Children adds to standard DBT an extensive parent training component. This specialized DBT protocol teaches parents the DBT skills in addition to effective behavior management techniques.

The Koch Center’s DBT for Children Program includes the following components:

  • Weekly DBT Multifamily Skills – At least one parent attends skills training with child.  Skills training sessions meet for approximately 20 weeks.  Over the course of the program, the DBT Skills are introduced and practiced in a child friendly, age-appropriate manner.
  • Individual DBT Therapy – weekly 45 minute sessions with child are focused on applying the skills learned in group to an individual’s target behaviors and goals.
  • Parent DBT – weekly 45 minute sessions to help parents adopt effective parenting and contingency management techniques, as well as improve the parent-child relationship.

For more information, please call Dr. Cyndi Koch, Director, at (201) 670-645;0 ext. 1 or visit www.kochcenter.com.

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