DBT Protocol for Binge Eating Disorder and Bulimia

Here at The Koch Center, we have been experiencing success using a DBT treatment protocol for Binge Eating Disorder and Bulimia.

Individual Component:

This Binge Eating Disorder Treatment utilizes weekly individual DBT therapy with a specialized binge eating diary card to track symptoms over the course of the week. In individual treatment, the patient and therapist monitor symptoms and, by using DBT skills, work towards minimizing and eventually eliminating binge eating behavior. Phone coaching is often used in this modality.

Group Component:

Patients undergoing this protocol also need to learn the four DBT Skillsets, and this is done in a weekly DBT skills group.  We have numerous adult skills groups that run throughout the week.

In our DBT skills groups, there in an emphasis on helping patients better regulate emotions and tolerate distress.  Patients are helped to identify what triggers their behaviors and encouraged to use alternative, more effective coping strategies. DBT also helps to improve body image and body awareness by teaching mindfulness skills.

Please contact Dr. Cyndi Koch at 201-670-6450 x1 to make an appointment.

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