Thursday Adolescent Intensive DBT Skills Program

This program consists of the following components:

6:45-7:30  CBT for Depression and Anxiety Group
7:30-9pm  DBT Multifamily Skills Group (skills taught to parent(s) as well as adolescent)

*In addition to the Thursday CBT and DBT skills groups, each family is required to participate in weekly Family DBT Skills Application sessions.  The Family Skills Application sessions will be tailored to meet the needs of each individual family, and as such, may or may not include the adolescent.

*Each adolescent will be required to participate in weekly Individual DBT Skills Application sessions tailored to target the specific behaviors and needs of the individual (adolescents are encouraged to continue with their existing outside therapist in addition to the Individual DBT sessions).

**Koch Center therapists will schedule both the Family Skills Application and Individual Skills Application sessions independent of the Thursday Groups

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