The DBT Center of North Jersey

The Koch Center offers several Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Programs:

New! Programs

Announcing our Summer DBT Skills Intensive 2017
This intensive will provide an introduction to all four DBT skill sets during the summer (instead of the usual 6 month time period)… [Details]

Announcing our free Education Workshop Series

Click to see our upcoming free educational workshops… [Details]

Announcing the Launch of Our New School Refusal Program
Research has shown that traditional treatments for school refusal have had limited success. Therefore, we at The Koch Center have chosen to base our program on a cutting edge treatment protocol for school refusal called “Dialectical Behavior Therapy – School Refusal” (DBT-SR). … [Details]

Our Trauma Program
The Trauma Program at The Koch Center is an innovative program that was developed based on the most current brain-based research being conducted by pioneers in the trauma field, including most notably Bessel van der Kolk, MD. …  [Details]

DBT Groups

 Individual DBT

 Family DBT Skills Training

  • When appropriate, we can teach an entire family DBT skills in an individual format (not in a group).

We offer an “Intensively Trained” DBT Team. For further information about any of our DBT Programs, please contact Dr. Cyndi Koch at (201) 670-6450 x1.

 Dr. Cyndi Koch

Cynthia Koch, Psy.D., Director
Licensed Psychologist (NJ #2798)

“When a person is struggling, they need to be able to get the best possible help in the easiest and most comfortable way.  We are dedicated to providing the utmost in personalized quality care.  That is why we customize our treatment to meet your needs and offer so many services in one place.”

“We take the extra steps to make sure that you are satisfied”

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